About Us

Behin Paad Pharmaceutical Co. was established in 2006 and is a private Iranian pharmaceutical company whom has officially approved and permitted by MOH for registration, production and importation. Behin Paad Co. vision is set to become one of the top private companies in Iran health care sector. Our teams are empowered to be creative, enthusiastic with a professional attitude and continually seeking to meet current and future market demands. Behin Paad Co. initial focus of business was importation of pharmaceutical products to help patients and industries to enjoy quality affordable medicines. Now Behin Paad Co. is fully engaged in both contract production and importation of different range of products (pharmaceuticals, supplementary, medical equipment, cosmeceuticals…) to serve better our clients through professional promotional programs, sales enforcements and distribution to all pharmacies all over Iran territory.

Years of experience in the field of pharmaceuticals have given Behin Paad the needful to negotiate and successfully penetrate the complicated market of Iran through different business patterns. This know-how is especially valuable when launching new products in the market that are very unique and would otherwise be very difficult to access. We have created a sister company in 2012 in Turkey to handle the financial aspect of our business, so that we may provide more efficient services.

Our goal is to expand the horizons of both our partners and our clients to work with highly innovative products that meet the highest standards of quality.